Santiago Answer Plot Session 3

After a summer of excellent tours at our WinField United Answer Plot, we will be hosting  our final AnswerPlot session on Thursday, August 17th. Registration will begin at 9:00am with the sessions beginning at 9:30am. In preparation of a large crowd there have been more stations added to accommodate. Every AnswerPlot session that we host  has a completely different line up of stations for you to attend and learn about a topic  important to the point of the season that we are in.  At this session, you will be able to choose 4 stations to attend from 10 options:

Station 1:    CROPLAN Corn and Soybeans

New products that will be coming out this year, new Liberty, RoundUp Ready 2 and Xtend Soybeans in the 2017 CROPLAN lineup —Corey Evans, Winfield United TSM and Isaac Anderson, Centra Sota Crop Advisor

Station 2:     Soybean Management Challenges

Weeds continue to be an issue in our fields no matter what new technologies come out . Learn how to properly use these technologies and other management considerations to tackle your weed problems. —Phil Keefauver, Winfield United CPP DSM and Clem Crowley, Centra Sota Crop Advisor

Station 3:     DeKalb/Asgrow

Monstanto representatives will be here to answer your burning questions about their product line up and offerings. 

Xtend Soybeans and New Products—Dan Smith, District Sales Manager, Dale Sheffler, Monsanto, Ross Recker, 

Monsanto Chemistry—TBD (Monsanto Rep) and Isaac Popp, Centra Sota Crop Advisor

Station 4:    Mycogen Seeds

BM3 BMR corn is Mycogen's newest Brown-Mid-Rib corn silage hybrid. Attend this station to learn how to use this on your farm. Staff at this station will also talk about Enlist Weed Control system—Eric Kuehl, District Sales Manager and Mark Geislinger, Centra Sota Cooperative

Station 5:    NK Seeds/Syngenta

Learn how to use Enogen Corn for Ethanol and Feed, Syngenta will also feature their New Product Lineup—Mike Geelan, District Sales Manager and Chris Weigle, Winfield United Associate

Station 6:    CROPLAN Alfalfa

HarvXtra alfalfa is lastest and greatest alfalfa technology since RoundUp Ready Alfalfa was introduced. Learn how it can be utilized on your farm, where the technology is headed, and be one of the first to hear about the newest CROPLAN HarvXtra Variety—Randy Welch, Winfield United National Alfalfa Agronomist and Rachael Dahlman, Winfield United Seed DSM

Station 7:    Ag Technology

Winfield United Ag Tech Tools and Centra Sota Yield Quest. See how the brand new Field Forcasting Tool and Field Monitoring Tool can be a major player in your operation—Will Mangen, Winfield United ATS and Todd Holland, Chris Barlau and Nate Hood, Yield Quest Leads (Omission Trials)

Station 8:    Cover Crop

Using cover crops. Discover your goals for your cover crop system--do you need to protect nutrients or the soil from wind erosion? Learn how to pick the right cover crop for your farm based on your goals.—Dave Braukmann, LaCrosse Seed and Cory Detloff, Centra Sota Crop Advisor

Station 9:    Insect and Diseases

Corn Insect and Disease Pressure in 2017. Let's take a look back on the season so far and discuss the challenges and victories in managing insects and diseases—Mark Glady, Winfield United Regional Agronomist and Adam Johnson, Centra Sota Master Crop Advisor

Station 10:     WinField United Products

Take a look at what was deficient this year for micronutrients and learn how to manage deficiencies. Discover where  plant growth regulators can play a role on your farm. —Ben Carlson, Winfield United PNP DSM and Andrew Lambert, Centra Sota Crop Advisor

Based on our line up of speakers and presentations topics--it is sure to be a day of learning and discovery. We are excited to see you in Santiago!