Finance and Insurance

Centra Sota Cooperative has partnered with AgQuest Financial Services to provide growers with a comprehensive menu of financial products and services. Our growers now have access to more choices with high-quality options that can meet all of your financing and insurance needs.

  • Companion Loans
  • Equipment Loans
  • Real Estate Loans
  • Leasing
  • Insurance
  • Property & Casualty
To fill out a Companion Loan application, please download the application here.

The AgQuest Story

AgQuest is a uniquely different finance and insurance company. We have deep roots in the ag industry with more than a century of experience. AgQuest currently serves farm supply retailers across the U.S., including Minnesota’s own Centra Sota Cooperative. We offer convenient access to dynamic financial products and services with competitive rates and flexibility.


Companion Loans

Our finance options include operating loans to support the direct production expenses of an agricultural producer. AgQuest and Centra Sota also have joined forces to reward you with lower interest rates on crop input finance. Ask us for more details on our:

Full Operating Loans

  • Secured Companion Loans
  • Companion Direct
  • Companion DirectMax

Real Estate Loans

Is it time to expand or refinance? Whether you are looking to finance bare land, livestock facilities, or other farming operations, our trusted advisors can help you find the right loan & right term to fit your unique needs.

Equipment Loans

AgQuest allows you to negotiate across brands & dealerships for the best price & compare options. Take advantage of manufacturer cash discounts or refinance interest waiver contracts for significant savings. Financing is available for both new and used equipment.

Lease Financing

Just as you carefully weigh your options when choosing equipment and machinery, AgQuest has put just as much effort into selecting the right lease financing partner with Northland Capital. Some leasing advantages include:
  • Lower up-front costs that require no additional collateral.
  • Flexible fixed payments that match your cash flow cycle.
  • Preserve existing operating lines of credit.
  • Keep debt off your balance sheet.


We feature financing specialists to help determine the most cost-effective programs for you. We do on-farm consultations. We use farmer software which combines crop insurance and crop marketing options. We specialize in many products including Precision Farming, Crop Insurance, Livestock Insurance, Property & Casualty Insurance and Weather Risk.

We offer FREE mapping! We believe in the accuracy of precision farming. We map every acre we insure and do on-farm consultations.

Finance & Insurance Staff

    Holly Johnson

    AgQuest Business Relationship Manager

    Holly Johnson

    AgQuest Business Relationship Manager

    Sean Ness

    AgQuest Business Relationship Manager

    Sean Ness

    AgQuest Business Relationship Manager

    Growing up on a 1,000-acre crop farm near Franklin, Minnesota, I learned at an early age the basics of corn and soybean production. Some of the land we farmed was on the flood plain of the Minnesota River where each spring brought in a new “flush of weeds” to identify and pull by hand in the soybean fields.

    One day, I asked my father why we had to pull these weeds from the bean fields and not from the corn. His reply was that we sprayed the corn to kill the broadleaf weeds in the corn, but since the soybeans were also a broadleaf plant, they would never be able to come up with a chemical that would kill the weeds and not the beans. I remember thinking back then that someday they would.

    I went on to attend the University of Minnesota where I earned a B.S. Degree in Soil Science. I began my agronomy sales career in the old Land O' Lakes-Felco system before moving to Buffalo and starting with Centra Sota in 1985. Over nearly 30 years I have seen a lot of changes in not only our cooperative, but also in the agronomy practices that are used in the farms across our trade area. We all have become better stewards of the land and we will need to continue to look to new technologies to be profitable, as well as to feed the growing population. This forward thinking is truly evident in our motto at Centra Sota – “The partner you can count on, providing real solutions for today and tomorrow.”