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Innovation Trials and Planting Depth Update

Jul 12, 2019

Plants in the innovation trials have really taken off! Many plants have evened out to the same height, but some have fallen so far behind they will never catch up. 

Come check out the Asnwer Plot and Innovation Trials August 22nd at our Santiago location!

Corn 1 inch

Corn 2 inches

Corn 3 inches

Corn 4 inches

Corn 5 inches

Corn 6 inches

Corn planted 5/28/19

Corn planted 6/23/19

Corn planted 6/27/19

All Corn

Soybeans 0 inches

Soybeans 1 inch

Soybeans 2 inches

Soybeans 3 inches

Soybeans 4 inches

Soybeans 5 inches

Soybeans 6 inches 

Some late emergers have caught up to the early or mid emergers, but it is not certain yet if the late emerging plants will yield as well as the others. 

Some plants are still very far behind in growth.

The two pictures above show that some plants are still very behind and considered weeds. These "weeds" are taking nutrients from the soil that could be used by the plants that will produce an ear and yield. 

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