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Planting Depth Trial Update

Jun 20, 2019

Winfield United Agronomist, Mark Glady planted corn and soybeans at various depths. We know correct planting depth is very important! Check out the differences in emergence: 

Corn 1 inch

Corn 2 inches

Corn 3 inches

Corn 4 inches

Corn 5 inches

Corn 6 inches

Soybeans 0 inches

Soybeans 1 inch

Soybeans 2 inches

Soybeans 3 inches

Soybeans 3 inches

Soybeans 5 inches

Soybeans 6 inches 

Check out how these trials looked 3 weeks prior: https://www.centrasota.com/In-Season-Innovation-Updates/Update-Articles/Emergence-Scoring-(1)

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