5 Tips For Spring Lawn Care

As spring finally begins to arrive, lawns have emerged from under piles of snow, revealing what they look like after a long winter. Since grass goes dormant over the winter, it is still alive and therefore can incur damage. These 5 tips can help green up your lawn and get it off to a quick start growing again.
  1. Aeration: The soil beneath your lawn naturally becomes compacted, even with minimal foot traffic. To solve this problem, it is import to aerate your lawn every few years, or more often if it receives heavy foot traffic. Aeration puts small holes into the lawn so air, nutrients, and water can penetrate the surface and get deeper into the ground. Aeration breaks up thatch and allows grass to grow longer roots and helps ensure you have a healthy, green lawn.

  2. Overseeding: If grass is looking a little sparse in areas, more seed can be spread over the surface of the lawn. This allows the seed to grow in bare or sparse areas and will result in a fuller, healthier looking lawn.

  3. Nutrients: After being dormant all winter grass is hungry and needs nourishment. Applying fertilizer is a great way to help green up your lawn as well as making it fuller. Consider using extended release fertilizer to feed your lawn for a longer period of time.

  4. Weed control: Just like grass, weeds are also starting to grow again. It is important to control weeds before they grow larger and become an eye sore as well as becoming more difficult to control. Weeds like crabgrass are best controlled in the spring when they are germinating.

  5. Disease: Lawn diseases can take over a lawn quickly if they are not addressed. Spring is a great time to stop a disease issue in its tracks before it has the chance to spread.

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