5 Tips To Control Pests In Your Garden

Gardening season is here! After all of the hard work that goes into planting and taking care of a garden, it can be very frustrating to lose valuable produce to garden pests. These 5 tips can help keep pests out of your garden and allow you to be the only one enjoying your garden, not the pests.
  1. Build Heathy Soil

 If plants are well fed, they are more resistant to pests.
  • Use compost or manure as a slowly decomposing nutrient source for the plants.
  • Rotate crops to prevent an increase in pest numbers and disease.
  • Use fertilizer in the spring and throughout the season. This will keep the soil full of nutrients for the plants.
  1. Attract Beneficial Insects

Not all insects are detrimental to your garden. Some insects can pollinate, decompose waste and eat other insects. Plant diversity helps attract a variety of beneficial insects. A few common beneficial insects are: bees, ladybugs, spiders and ground beetles.
  1. Watch Your Garden

No matter how healthy the soil is, or how many beneficial insects there are, there will some amounts of pests in a garden. Pests can be sneaky and hard to see so It is important to monitor your garden and look at signs plants are showing. These signs can be an indication of what is stressing the plants. Identifying the signs and symptoms will help you find out if the cause is a pest, and if so, narrow it down to find the culprit. Once this is done, the pest can be taken care of much more efficiently.
  1. Mechanical Pest Control

These are hands-on-techniques that may be helpful in deterring or eliminating pests.
-Barriers: use fences or nets to keep pests out of your garden.
-Hand picking: pick off insects and their eggs from plants. This is time consuming, but effective.
-Traps: there are a variety of traps that can capture pests. This will allow them to be eliminated or relocated.
-Soap: Soap can be diluted and sprayed on plants to deter insects. This solution should be sprayed on plants, but if it causes leaf damage dilute it further.
  1. Chemical Control

Each garden has a different combination of control tactics that will help keep insects away. Once harmful insects reach a determined threshold chemical control can help resolve the issue. Spraying an insecticide can help prevent an even worse insect problem by not allowing insects to reproduce and it can also prevent immense plant damage caused by these insects. Always follow the instruction listed on the insecticide bottle.
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