Do You Know Where Your Operation Made Money?

There are several tools that can be used when field planning, evaluating yield and measuring crop performance.  An important tool that Centra Sota can offer through Yield Quest is a Cost Analysis tool.  Through this tool a grower can see if their grain was worth more than the cost to produce that grain. 

Let’s look at tools available to you through the Yield Quest Program.

Field variability can be addressed through the following tools:
  • Grid soil sampling
  • Soil type maps
  • Organic matter maps
  • Variable rate fertilizer applications
  • Variable rate seeding
Field performance can be gauged through the following tools:
  • Yield maps
  • Field moisture maps
  • NDVI maps
  • Cost per bushel maps
Typically there is a general idea about average cost, what has been spent and how much money is made.  Profit and cost per bushel is a better metric to look at.  If there are areas of a field that lose money every year is it worth putting inputs in those areas? Maybe it would be better suited for other uses. After cost per bushel is determined funds can be reallocated to fields and areas of fields that are making money and keeping the operation in the black.
Cost analysis is a pillar of Centra Sota’s Yield Quest program. This groundbreaking program uses operational costs, product costs and application costs to break down where money was spent. This can be broken down as minutely as per bushel for a portion of an acre and viewed on a color coated map. “The software integration provides growers an opportunity to understand how their cost of production varies within each of their fields,” said Mark Stelford, general manager at Premier Crop Systems.

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