Double Check For Boron

Macronutrients are important to grow a healthy crop.  What about the micronutrients? Micronutrients are imperative to plant development, so you could say micronutrients work “behind the scenes” in growing a healthy crop.

Boron is a crucial micronutrient needed for plant development, movement of sugars and reproduction.  Boron is needed in meniscal amounts; 0.48 lbs. is needed to grow 200 bushels of corn and 0.07 lbs. is needed to grow 55 bushels of soybeans. Both crops need boron between V5-V6 to have enough for reproductive stages.

Since, 2016 Centra Sota submitted 1,068 samples. Corn samples were submitted from V5-V16 stages, 35.75% of corn samples were deficient and 21.90% of samples were adequate. Soybean samples were from R1- R5, 0.41% of samples measured deficient and 14.83% measured adequate.  Since boron is immobile in plants and symptoms of deficiency will be found on lower parts of the plants so, plant tissue should be pulled form new leaves when submitting a sample.

                       **D+R is Deficient + Responsive
Unlike plants, boron in soil is mobile and moves by mass flow to the plant roots. In Minnesota, plant response to boron is higher in sandy texture soils.  Boron is easily leached on coarse soils with low organic matter. Along with soil type pH also plays into boron availability and plant uptake.  As the pH increases boron’s availability decreases. Understanding your soils need for boron is key.

Utilizing your Centra Sota crop advisor and yield quest tools we can help you gain a better understanding of your soil and plant needs.

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