Early Soil Sampling

Soil sampling is usually a fall activity, but what if you took soil samples early in crop?  Before everyone is immersed in planting take some time and identify your fields that have not been soil sampled in the past 4-6 years.  Consider sampling those fields as the crop is emerging.

There is no agronomic drawback to soil sampling early in crop.  Below you will find benefits to sampling earlier. 

  • Allows for adequate time for samples to be taken and reviewed
  • More uniform soil conditions and soil profile
  • Reflects actual available nutrients
    • Which will help with in-season management decisions
  • Fall tillage and fertilization applications aren’t delayed waiting for soil samples to be taken and to review results

This switch allows for plenty of time to review the results and create a game plan for the next crop season. Work with your Centra Sota Crop Advisor to get a soil sampling appointment made.

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