Help Corn Reach New Heights

With this year’s cool, wet spring Ascend® plant growth regulator (PGR)  can help get your corn off to a strong start.

Applied in-furrow, Ascend® PGR, which contains three EPA-registered plant growth regulators, helps promote early germination and emergence, a robust root system, and larger leaves and wider stems to provide a jump on the growing season.

Data tells the story
Five years of Answer Plot® Program corn data (2010-2014) show Ascend® PGR delivers the greatest return on investment when it is placed in-furrow. In 2,138 replications at 295 locations, average yield response over the five-year period was an extra 4.94 bushels per acre when Ascend ® PGR was applied with 10-34-0 starter fertilizer and WinField® Ultra-Che® Zinc 9% EDTA, compared to corn test plots not receiving this treatment.

Uniform emergence gives crops the upper hand
Corn plants are competitive, so uniform emergence is important for overall yield. “If you have a corn plant that is smaller than the rest, instead of having ears that are all the same and growing among similar cohorts, you will have a runt with smaller ear size, and that will have a cost in yield,” says Jon Zuk, agronomist, WinField United. “Even emergence and even growth among all plants is what Ascend® PGR helps to provide. It makes those plants more vigorous coming out of the ground within a more uniform stand.”

Part of a total plant nutrition program
Ascend® PGR plays an integral role in an in-season plant nutrition program, primarily through the work it does underground.

Ascend® PGR increases root mass, particularly by generating more root hairs, which helps increase nutrient uptake. Stronger root growth generally means increased stalk diameter which also boosts nutrient use to support yield potential.

If you have questions, call your Centra Sota Agronomist for more information on Ascend. 

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