Soybean Varieties React Differently to White Mold

(Centra Sota Watkins, MN Soybean Variety Plot)

White Mold continues to appear in soybean fields throughout Centra Sota's territory in central Minnesota.  Symptoms are present in our Watkins, MN variety plot and varieties are reacting differently to the disease.  The soybean varieties on the left side of the red line (in the picture above) are displaying more tolerance to white mold compared to the variety on the right.

The varieties showing tolerance to white mold are Croplan RX1788 and RX1827 which have excellent disease ratings to White Mold.  They show good standability, better plant health, and fuller pods compared to varieties in the plot that have poor ratings for white mold.

Variety selection is key to managing white mold.  To learn more on managing the disease, click on the article below or contact your Centra Sota Crop Advisor.

Click Here to Learn How to Manage White Mold

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