How To Start The Season Free Of Weeds

Developing a Successful Early Season Weed Management Program
Profitable crop production starts with a weed management program that includes pre-plant and/or pre-emergence herbicides that will deliver long-lasting and residual weed control. A spring burndown program in corn and soybean provides effective weed control to prepare for planting and will help to decrease the seedbank during the season. Early season weed competition can greatly reduce crop yields and profits.

Studies have shown that if weeds grow to 9 inches, soybean yield can be reduced by as much as 6%. 12-inch weeds can result in up to a 10% yield loss. In corn, 12-inch weeds could cause 22% yield loss when left uncontrolled.

Here’s a list herbicides registered for spring burndown weed control:
Corn: 2,4-D*, Aim, atrazine, Balance Flexx, Corvus, dicamba, glyphosate, Landmaster II, Lexar EZ, and Sharpen

Soybeans: 2,4-D* (use esters only), Authority First, glyphosate, Gramoxone, Pursuit, and Sharpen

Pre-emergence (residual) herbicides protect the crop with early, effective, and lasting weed control to help maximize yields, regardless of the production system. Additionally, including pre-emergence herbicides can minimize the post-emergence herbicide applications and protect against early-season weed competition when poor weather or busy schedules prohibit a timely post-emergence application.

Some herbicides registered for pre-emergence weed control are:
Corn: Aatrex, Balance Flexx, Corvus, Degree Extra, Fierce, Lumax EZ, Outlook, Surestart, Tripleflex, and Zemax
Soybeans: Authority MTZ, Boundry, Command, Dual II Magnum, Envive, Optill, Pursuit, Prowl H2O, Valor XLT, and Warrant

Always make sure to read and follow herbicide label directions.

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