How To Make Money With Low Commodities 

There’s no doubt that commodity prices are low, the late-season expense of fungicide applications can be difficult to justify. But sound in-season management is what makes your yield goals attainable. The right decision on fungicide applications requires a calculated approach.
Response to Fungicide (RTF) scores are key indications of your potential economic benefit, allowing you to weigh possible yield gain against application costs. Answer Plot® data shows a strong fungicide yield response in both corn and soybeans. Across all locations, an 88 percent positive response rate was observed in corn and a 92 percent rate was observed in soybeans.
What does this data mean to a farmer?  Let’s take a look at 3 hybrids with a low, moderate, and high Response To Fungicide Score.

The ROI is as follows:
Commodity Price: $3.25 bu
Application: $27 ac/cost

3399SS: Break-even
3899VT2P: $15.25 per acre
3705SS: $29.55 per acre
Conclusion: You have a good chance of having a positive return on a fungicide application if you look at the data.

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