Making Your Tissue Samples Count

What is tissue sampling? In short, Tissue Sampling gives insights into the health of your plant. It identifies how well your plant is doing in-season and gives you a report card on your plant health. Specifically, tissue samples gauge essential micro and macronutrient levels needed for plant growth.
Why is this important? An optimal nutrient management program is vital for high yields.
Where do I begin? Start with soil sampling either in the fall, or preferably the spring. Soil sampling shows the nutrient values in the soil and helps create nutrient application recommendations.  Follow up with in-season tissue samples to give you a season long approach for identifying plant nutrient needs.
Making Your Samples Count:

  1. Be Intentional With Your Sampling – Plant nutrient needs change throughout the growing season. You need to capture information when it really matters.
For example, most of the nitrogen uptake for corn occurs between V8 and VT. However, tissue sampling before V8 may help determine whether you need to change your nitrogen management program for the remainder of the season.
  1. Understand the Impact of Field Conditions – Healthy plants with more yield potential need more nutrients than plants with low yield potential in a poor growing environment.
Yes, you read that right; the healthier the plant is—the more deficient in nutrients it is likely to become.
Tissue sampling helps to identify the limiting nutrients for plant growth. Correcting the limiting factors can result in higher yields.
  1. Take A Systematic Approach – Tissue sampling provides the plant health status when the sample is taken. 

Centra Sota analyzes tissue samples with soil samples, application records, yield data, in-season imagery, plant models, and scouting observations to understand the nutrient needs for each situation. Create a season long nutrient management program with your Crop Advisor to understand and manage the nutrient needs in your fields.
Contact your Centra Sota Cooperative Crop Advisor to learn more about how to get more out of your tissue samples.

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