Protect Your Nitrogen Investment

Nitrogen (N) is one of the most frustrating nutrients that your plants need. Nitrogen is a very unstable nutrient. It can easily move through the soil or completely disappear into thin air. However, nitrogen is also one of most (if not the most) important macronutrient for plants.

So how do we ensure our nitrogen applications are effective and making it to the plant? Many farmers opt to use a nitrogen stabilizer, such as Instinct, Agrotain, and N-Serve to increase the effectiveness of N.  These products are used to keep nitrogen available or to stay where it is applied.

3 Ways to Lose Nitrogen

  1. Leaching
  • Occurs in course textured soils
  • Washed away with water and can end up in ground or surface water through drainage system
  1. Volatilization
  • Applied to the surface as ammonia and does not get incorporated into the soil before it is lost as a gas into the air
  1. Denitrification
  • Occurs in wet soils
  • Loss of nitrogen by soil microbes which then release nitrates as a gas into the air
A stabilizer is going to help keep the nitrogen in the root zone for a longer period to allow the plant to uptake the nitrogen.  Giving the plant the opportunity to uptake that nitrogen sets the plant up to reach maximum potential.

Benefits of Utilizing a Stabilizer
  1. Maximize yield
  2. Maximize profitability
  3. Protection of nitrogen investment
  4. Environmentally friendly

Using a stabilizer on your farm can help assure that your nitrogen investment will stick around to provide a profitable crop. Ask your local Centra Sota Crop Advisor for stabilizer information.

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Give Your Nitrogen a Boost 


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