Response to Nitrogen Scores

Nitrogen is one of the most frustrating, but important nutrient to grow a crop.  Ensuring nitrogen is available when the plant needs it is important, but since nitrogen is unstable that can be difficult.  We can lose nitrogen through the air or soil. 

There are ways to make sure we do not lose nitrogen into the air or through the soil.  Utilizing a nitrogen stabilizer, using split application or increasing nitrogen rate all together.  Understanding response to nitrogen score will help aid in the application decision making and what hybrids can handle nitrogen being pushed. Response to nitrogen score will help maximize your return on investment.

Response to nitrogen scores have been researched for the past 7 years by Winfield United.  Over the 7 years they have found an average of 62.2 bushels at stake.  Understanding RTN scores will help you go after those 62.2 bushels.  There are 3 responses to nitrogen score categories.  Let’s dive into each of those categories.

High Response to Nitrogen
  • Hybrids will have a RTN score of 7-9.  Nitrogen is going to be measured and managed closer.
  • These hybrids will have an increased chance for return on investment when nitrogen is managed for a later release using a stabilizer or using an in-season application. 
  • Best placement of a high response to nitrogen hybrid is in high yielding environment where nitrogen can be pushed. 
Medium Response to Nitrogen
  • Hybrids will have a RTN score of 4-6. Nitrogen will not be managed as closely as the high response hybrids.
  • High yields can be obtained with moderate levels of nitrogen. A split application of N maybe considered with these hybrids.
  • Placement of medium response to nitrogen hybrids in the average yielding environment.
Low Response to Nitrogen
  • Hybrids will have a RTN score of 1-3. Nitrogen management will be very little.
  • Hybrids can achieve acceptable yields when nitrogen is limited. A flat rate application of nitrogen maybe applied to these areas.
  • Placement of low response to nitrogen will be placed therefore, a flat rate of nitrogen maybe applied to these areas.
Understanding response to nitrogen scores will help ease the in-season nitrogen decisions.  Work with your Centra Sota Crop Advisor to review your hybrids response to nitrogen scores and plan for in-season nitrogen application.
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