Should I Plant? Or Shouldn't I?

We are all wondering the impact of planting in cold, wet conditions and planting later than normal.  If your anxious to get out early, remember that over 50% of corn acres in Central Minnesota were not planted by the 1st week of May in 2017.  However, we have all heard that planting early will give us the best chance for high yields.  This is true when all other yield factors are consistent.  Here are things that you need to know if you’re considering to plant before we have optimal conditions.

Fast and equal emergence is critical for high yield potential.  Here are the average emergence days based on soil temperatures:

Research has shown that you may see a 4% or more reduction in yield when 15% of your plants don’t emerge or plants are 2+ leaf stages behind.

Planting early and getting your corn off to a fast start comes with many benefits such as:

  • Growth and development - More days for the corn to develop and mature.
  • Pollination – Weather is typically more favorable when plants pollinate and silk earlier in the season which results in better reproductive rates.
  • Grain Fill – Longer days and better conditions for photosynthesis during grain fill.
  • Dry Corn – The crop reaches maturity earlier and has more time for grain dry down.

Click on the link below to learn more on what is needed to obtain equal and quick emergence.

Learn How to Get Your Corn off to a Good Start

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