Should You Plant Shorter Day Corn?

As planting continues to be delayed this spring, many of us are considering whether we need to consider switching to a shorter relative maturity for corn.  Before you pull the trigger, here are factors you need to know… 

Why do we plant shorter day corn?  It’s not to gain yield but to reduce our risk for wet corn.  University of Purdue research reveals that maturities condense when planting is delayed.  Corn requires 1.6 GDU’s less each day to reach flowering and 6.8 GDU’s less to reach black layer for corn planted after May 1.  Basically, it means that corn’s growth and development speeds up when planted later.  Corn planted after May 1 germinates and matures in a different thermal environment. 

Check your corn's GDU's to maturity.  Below is data for average GDU’s and the first fall frost. 

Contact your Crop Advisor to learn more about late planting and changing corn maturities.  Click below to learn more about the impacts of planting corn later than normal.

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