Tissue Sample Like a Pro

At Centra Sota, we have taken a countless number of samples over the years and we have become a “Tissue Sample Pro” and we want you to be one too.  There are many things to consider before taking a sample, so we want to make sure you’re ready…

Tissue Sample with a Purpose

Having a tissue sampling plan is an important step in identifying deficiencies before visual symptoms occur, to help optimize yields. You can’t manage what you don’t measure, so well-timed and well-placed tissue samples help allow for better field management.

Understand Your Fields

  • Yield Quest & Ag Tech: Use your past and current knowledge of your fields to determine which fields you should sample.
  • Yield Limiting Factors: Other factors such as weather, stand count, compaction, disease, and many others may diminish the response in a nutrient application
  • Yield Potential: an additional nutrient application may give you an added yield boost.  A tissue sample may show which nutrient is needed.

Know Your Plant Demands

Nutrient needs change as plants grow and develop.  Look at the zinc demand for corn below.  Knowing plant demand gives you insights on what to look for and when to sample.

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