Watch Out: Possible Corn Diseases

Central Minnesota has experienced above average temperature and rainfall during June.  The crop has shown above average yield potential due to all the rain and GDU’s.  However, these weather conditions are prone to disease.  Here are the diseases to watch out for.

Anthracnose Leaf Blight and Stalk Rot

It produces small round or oval lesions on lower leaves.  Lesions develop on upper leaves late in the season.  Stalk lesions are relatively large.  Pith infections lead to stalk rot and top die back.  Anthracnose is present in warm, wet, and humid conditions.

Northern Corn Leaf Blight

It produces large, tan lesions on leaves.  It appears on lower leaves and spread to upper leaves after tasseling.  In humid conditions, lesions become olive green.  The fungus thrives in wet and moderate temperatures (65-89 degrees).

Map of rainfall over last 30 days:

Crop diseases can be detrimental to yield.  The best management for crop fungus is hybrid selection and a fungicide application.  Contact your Crop Advisor to learn more.

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