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10 Areas Of Your Planter To Check Before Spring

Jan 09, 2020

Now is the time to fix and upgrade your planter. Seed depth, spacing and germination are all very important to a healthy and successful crop. All three of these crucial factors are determined as soon as the seed goes into the ground. The good news is, proper seed depth spacing and germination will be much easier to achieve if a planter is tuned up properly and equipped with the correct components. Read below for the 10 steps to tune up your planter:

  1. Row unit ride: The parallel linkage maintains a level row unit and wear on these bushings can create chatter and vibration. Test bushings to minimize vibration helping meter seeds correctly.
  2. Check meter drive system: Maintain and lubricate chains, checking drive cables for frayed ends and making sure the meter drive and clutch are aligned to prevent erratic seed spacing.
  3. Level the planter: This helps the entire unit function properly and ensures proper planting depth.
  4. Meters: Get meters run on a meter max test stand by a certified technician. This ensures planting at proper populations and spacing.
  5. Create a proper seed trench: Warn disks may no longer achieve the required “V” shape to make a proper seed trench. Replace warn disk to achieve a proper seed trench and ensure a uniform emergence.
  6. Seed delivery: Make sure seed tubes are not worn at the end. This can create bouncing and not allow for uniform spacing.
  7. Check/ add seed firmers: Add seed firmers or check to make sure they are not too worn. Seed firmers ensure good seed to soil contact that leads to a timely germination and uniform emergence. Uneven emergence can cost 6 bushels per acre in yield loss.
  8. Gauge wheels: If there is a large gap between the gauge wheel and the opening disk it is time to replace the gauge wheel arm or adjust the eccentric bushings. Doing this will help create a uniform seed trench at the desired depth.
  9. Closing wheel alignment: make sure closing wheels are centered right over the seed trench to assure good down force and uniform emergence.
  10. Prepare for spring conditions: Adjust row clears just to move trash and not dig into the ground. It is also important to evaluate other planter needs to make sure you get a return on one of your most valuable investments, seed.

Centra Sota is an authorized Precision Planting dealer. This means they test meters as well as service and sell the full line up of Precision Planting products. These products are proven to increase the precision of key planting aspects, which in turn increases yield. Click below to get in contact with a Trained and Certified Centra Sota Precision Planting Technician.


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