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5 Tips For Getting Ready For Next Year

Nov 12, 2019

With the 2019 season wrapping up, it’s time to get serious about planning for next season. How do you make the most of this important task? Add trusted, local expertise to your planning team.
A local Centra Sota Crop advisor can help you determine if you’re developing the best foundation possible for increased ROI potential with effective weed, insect and disease control measures, plus in-season fertility that can help build profit potential in your crop.

Start with seed

Matching the right seed to the correct areas at the right population plays a significant role in boosting yield potential and help reduce risk in your plan. Your Centra Sota advisor has a broad selection of tools to help you choose the right seed to match each field.
The seed hybrids and varieties that Centra Sota offers are rated on their performance across specific soil types so you can confidently select the product that matches each field’s soil conditions. A Centra Sota crop advisor can also use seed data ratings to help specify which varieties may be more effective at higher or lower populations, allowing you to push yield potential with high populations on your most productive acres and reduce populations to help save on input costs in less productive areas. To get the seed that best suits your acres it is important to work with your crop advisor to get a seed order in early.

Optimize plant nutrition

Plant nutrition should be a key part of your seed selection and in-season plans. Work with your advisor to match fertility levels with your yield goals and application capabilities. Response-to-nitrogen scores for each hybrid help you choose the right seed to optimize yield potential based on your nitrogen plans
Grid soil sampling is the first step in creating custom fertilizer prescriptions. These prescriptions will only apply fertilizer where it is needed to help save money and drive ROI up. In season tissue testing between V4 to VT can provide a snapshot of plant health for in season fertility decisions.

Add crop management plans

As you review last season’s results, team up with your advisor to determine why some management steps worked well and others didn’t. Now is the time to adjust next season’s program as needed to help protect plants against weed, insect and disease threats. Ask your advisor about products that protect yield with season-long weed and pest control.

Consider Centra Sota’s Technology Services tools

Whether you’re experienced with ag technology or just getting started, it’s important to understand all the capabilities these new tools can add to your program. Your advisor can help you evaluate the benefits of using precision seed and fertilizer technology, in-season imagery, field monitoring, crop forecasting and proper data management to help manage crops.

Acquire financing

Now is the time to start looking at finances for next growing season. AgQuest financial services can help you to pick the right finance options for you and your operation. 
Work with your advisor to include plans for monitoring each field’s progress and implementing real-time adjustments throughout the season. Capitalizing on opportunities to increase yield potential in-season helps provide the most cost-effective way to add bushels and increase ROI potential.  

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