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Are You Ready For Wet Grain?

Sep 10, 2019

A challenging spring and delayed planting season mean it is likely that combines will be pulling into fields before crops have fully matured and reached ideal moisture levels. As a result of this dryers will need to be used to dry down grain to an acceptable level.

Before it is time to dry grain, it is important to make sure that grain dryers are in good shape and working properly. Order parts and make repairs before dryers will log countless hours this fall.
Agpro’s grain experts say farmers should do the following now to make sure their dryers are ready for harvest season:
  1. Physically inspect dryers yourself or have a dealer come look it over for you.
  2. Get parts ordered and installed early.
  3. Consider your alternatives, such as local elevators. Lock in space if needed.
  4. Plan harvest now, consider starting earlier and compensate with dryer systems.
  5. Determine if it’s time to upgrade dryer systems or add more drying equipment to condition grain or add additional storage.
Growers that do not have continuous flow dryers can still effectively dry grain by using a bin system. If grain is over 20% a stirring or circulating device will be necessary to prevent over drying the grain on the bottom. If the grain is over 22% a batch or continuous flow dryer will most likely be needed.


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