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It Starts With Seed

Nov 01, 2019

With the 2019 season wrapping up, it’s time to get serious about planning for next season. How do you make the most of this important task? Add trusted, local expertise to your planning team.

Start with seed 

Matching the right seed to each soil type at the right population plays a significant role in boosting yield potential and help reduce risk in your plan. Your local Centra Sota Crop Advisor has a broad selection of tools to help you choose the right seed to match each field.
Centra Sota will use ratings based on their performance across specific soil types, you can confidently select the product that matches each field’s soil conditions. Seed data ratings also helps specify which varieties may be more effective at higher or lower populations, allowing you to push yield potential with high populations on your most productive acres and reduce populations to help save on input costs in less productive fields.

Add crop management plans 

As you review last season’s results, team up with your local Centra Sota Crop Advisor to determine why some management steps worked well and others didn’t. Working with your Crop Advisor can help you adjust next season’s program as needed to help protect plants against weed, insect and disease threats. Centra Sota's Yield Quest Program can help you manage profitability potential on every acre by connecting input costs, application rates and yield map data from your combine to determine the parts of your fields that were the most profitable.  Giving you the best return on investment (ROI) potential by bringing in budgets and costs per acre. Areas that were less profitable or your toughest acre, offer a great opportunity to reach out and better align input investment with yield potential for 2020.

Consider ag tech tools

Whether you’re experienced with ag technology or just getting started, it’s important to understand all the capabilities these new tools can add to your program. Your Centra Sota Crop Advisor can help you evaluate the benefits of using precision seed and fertilizer technology, in-season imagery, field monitoring, prescription mapping and crop forecasting to help manage crops and get the best possible ROI out of your technology investment.


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