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5 Reasons to have a backyard flock

Feb 26, 2021


A backyard flock allows you to produce your own food. Poultry breeds are divided into three primary groups: meat producers, egg layers and show birds. When chickens are cared for properly and fed a nutritious and complete diet, one bird can produce 300 eggs per year or fresh, quality meat for your family. Raising your own flock also gives you flexibility over the production system and ensures fresh eggs or meat.


A backyard flock is a simple way to self-sufficiently care for your family, yard and garden. Flocks can be housed in a coop with an outdoor run or allowed to roam free-range, depending on city ordinances and outdoor space. In either case, the birds strengthen the health of the soil by tilling the earth with their feet and beaks and naturally fertilizing the lawn or garden. Birds also eat bugs, which helps to control the insect population in your yard.


A backyard flock is a popular project for the whole family. A backyard flock can teach children and adults alike where their food comes from, help them connect to nature and instill lifelong lessons of dedication and responsibility.
Before purchasing your first chicks, plan a flock-care program with your family. Make sure everyone involved understands how baby chicks grow into egg layers or meat birds. Then, visit your local Centra Sota Country Store to pick-up supplies and select chicks together. Once the chicks arrive, work as a family team to care for the flock – from baby chick care to egg collection.


Almost all flock raisers have stories of their birds’ individual personalities and characteristics. Each breed of poultry is unique and, though there are commonalities within the breed, flock raisers can quickly learn their birds’ distinct personalities. Whether you are watching a flock of hens from your back porch or helping baby chicks settle into their brooder, a backyard flock can provide entertainment through all life stages.


In addition to eggs, meat and entertainment, many flock raisers also enjoy exhibiting their birds at local, regional and national shows and fairs. At these events, birds are compared to their breed’s standard in The American Standard of Perfection. Judges assign birds a score using a point system for physical characteristics that include: body confirmation, color and feather quality.

Centra Sota's Country Stores are taking orders for chickens as well as ducks, geese, turkeys, quail, pheasants, chukar partridge and guineas. Stop in to your local Centra Sota Country Store to pick up a catalog that showcases all of the breeds.

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