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Insights To Aid Your Seed Decision Making

Nov 06, 2020

A successful growing season starts with the right seed. But how can you be sure what the right seed is when you see so many conflicting reports?  How can you feel secure about your investment? Especially if these are your tough acres. Being in harvest season, keep in mind which hybrids did well on what ground.

Choosing the right seed

Matching the right seed to each soil type at the right population plays a significant role in boosting yield potential and helping reduce risk in your plan. Your Centra Sota Crop Advisor has a broad selection of opportunities within the Yield Quest toolbox to help you choose the right seed to match each field.
Because CROPLAN seed hybrids and varieties are rated on their performance across specific soil types, you can confidently select the product that matches each field’s soil conditions. CROPLAN seed data ratings also help specify which varieties may be more effective on better ground or less productive fields, allowing you to potentially reduce populations to help save on input costs in less productive fields.

Answer Plot Program: Most Robust Data Set in the industry.

The Answer Plot Program includes more than 6 MM data points and over 200 research-trial locations across the country. The Characterization Chart (CHT) interprets data from multiple yield environments, including the Tough Acre. See how your hybrids stack up on some of the toughest fields in the country. Use data to make detailed comparisons of seed from a variety of companies. These comparisons take into account soil type, crop rotation, plant population and management practices such as the level of fertility and type of tillage. And, because the hybrids have undergone numerous side-by-side comparisons, field variability has been virtually eliminated in the data.  Insights like Response to Nitrogen, Response to Population and Yield Environment, drive optimized yield and reutrns across the toughest of farms.

Through the data, you can feel secure in your investment in the Tough Acre with CROPLAN hybrids. Supported by the local Answer Plot program and Insight Plots, Centra Sota Crop Advisors can bring you the data to identify which seed products are most efficient under limited resources to defend more yield with limited risk.

If you don’t see terms like Response to Nitrogen, Response to Population or Top Ten list in your tools, ask your local Centra Sota Crop Advisor for a preview.

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