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My Seed Is In The Shed. Now What?

Mar 25, 2021

It is sometimes impossible to make a field by field, acre by acre or seed by seed plan that can be easily executed during the spring planting rush. What we can do is profile and place varieties that have responses to soil and population values vs the varieties that don’t.

Yield Quest customers can make use of their variety profile reports to determine if the corn sitting in their shed is a plant anywhere hybrid or if they have a hybrid that should be targeted for certain acres. This linked example shows hybrids that have responses vs varieties that don't. If a farmer knows this information they can set aside seed for certain fields and/or make the choice to turn their planting prescription up or down 3-5% when loading a seed into the planter. Walking through Yield Quest data with you crop advisor is how farmers can easily gain that extra 5-10 bushels on certain acres of their farm.
If you would like to learn more about seed placement or Centra Sota’s Yield Quest program, contact your local Centra Sota Crop Advisor.


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