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Propane Tips For Your Home This Winter

Dec 23, 2020

Winter is here and the temperatures are dropping. Many homeowners are turning up the heat for the first time this season. At Centra Sota, your safety is our top pritpority and we are here to help with a few propane tips.

1. Call Centra Sota today at 763-682-1464 to fill your propane tank if you haven't already. Be sure and check what percentage your tank is at so we can plan your delivery accordingly. 

2. Contact our service department to check your system and ensure it's working safely and most efficiently for your home. 

3. Utilize a programmable thermostat. Homeoweners often find savings each year by programming your thermostat depending when you are home or gone. 

4. Ceiling fan tip: Swtiching your fan blades to run clockwise will push the warm air down.

5. Prepare your grill for the winter. Store only empty tanks inside, 

6. Clear any debris around your propane tanks outside to ensure a safe delivery of propane to your home. 

Preparing your home and your appliance is an important step for your safety and also will ensure your systems working efficiently throughout the winter. 

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