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Harvest Data Tips

Oct 01, 2020

It is not only important to collect quality yield data, but also to leverage it after the season. Here are a few tips:

Rank fields for harvest

Rank which fields are ready for harvest using tools that measure biomass as well as other imagery and information that has been gathered throughout the year.

Calibrate combines

Since the only useful type of data is clean, accurate data calibrating combines is very Important. It is common to calibrate combines before harvest begins, but is it also important to calibrate when changing crops, as well as a few other times throughout the harvest season.

Check data

Once harvest is complete it is important to check data and clean up inaccurate areas. A lot of the time when starting or ending a field, values will show up as very high or very low. These areas should be cleaned up to increase accuracy of yield numbers.
Confirm that the crop types and naming convention (grower, farm and field) is accurate and consistent. This will help when analyzing data, especially over multiple years.

Analyze post-harvest data

After the data has been cleaned and organized, it is time to analyze it, look at trials, compare planting zones and look at different varieties.
Pay attention to all factors like weather, planting dates and plant nutrition. Layering data can help when looking at multiple years.
Instead of just looking a yield, calculate cost per bushel. This will help show which acres are profitable and keeping the operation running.

Leverage learnings

Understand why you received the results you did, using this information to tweak programs and make improvements for next season. Accurate historical yield data will help with crop planning for years to come.  

To learn more about data cleaning, trial analysis and cost per bushel, or if you would like to schedule a combine calibration or yield check, contact your local Centra Sota Crop Advisor.


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