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A Day in the life of a Centra Sota Fuel Truck Driver

Updated: May 9

You've likely spotted our distinctive Fuel Trucks cruising down the road. Dive deeper into the daily routine of one of our dedicated fuel truck drivers.

Centra Sota Fuel Truck
Centra Sota Fuel Truck

Meet Allan, who has been a member of the Centra Sota team for many years! I'm Halli, the Marketing and Communications Intern at Centra Sota. I had the privilege of accompanying Allan on his fuel delivery rounds for a day, gaining insight into the world of fuel truck drivers.

Allan, Centra Sota Fuel Driver, and Halli, Marketing Communications Intern
Allan, Centra Sota Fuel Driver, and Halli, Marketing Communications Intern

To start off the day, Allan collaborates with fellow fuel drivers to plan the day's deliveries. Drivers at each location work together to help each other out with their routes and stops. Allan circles his truck to do a safety check before leaving for the first stop.

There was some fuel left in the truck from the previous day, so we made a quick stop at a golf course to fill their tanks. After filling the golf course, our truck was empty, so we headed to the fill station in Maple Lake to fill up the truck for the rest of the deliveries that day!

At the fill station, Allan strategically fills his truck to ensure they hit as many fills as possible. This truck holds 5,800 gallons of fuel and has 5 compartments for the different types of fuel.

After planning accordingly and filling up the truck, we headed off to make the rest of our deliveries for the day! We stopped at a couple of customers’ homes, as well as our own Agronomy location in Santiago. Our final stop was at a local paper company in Becker, MN that we have delivered to for many years.

The day of our ride-along was a beautiful day, however, Allan drives all year round- rain, snow, etc. - to serve our customers!

When we finished our deliveries for the day, we headed back to the office in Buffalo. Special thanks to Allan for graciously showcasing a day in his life as a fuel truck driver. We deeply value him and all our drivers who consistently provide exceptional service to our customers. Centra Sota takes great pride in being your trusted fuel provider!


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