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We’ll take the time to really listen, understand your needs, and then offer honest, knowledgeable guidance to help your operation thrive.

Centra Sota understands that one size does not fit all when it comes to farming. Our local and regional professional agronomists work side-by-side with growers. We'll take the time to listen to you and get to know your operation. This boots-on-the-ground approach is essential to ensure we're making recommendations on which products, applications, and techniques will be the most effective – and most profitable – for your unique situation. We offer comprehensive crop planning to recommend the right fit, not just for each farm, but for each acre. 

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Agronomy Contact
Seed Supplier in Buffalo MN


Choosing the right seed, crop protection and crop nutrition products can be challenging. Each year new varieties are introduced and it can be overwhelming to know which one might be best for your field.

Our knowledgeable team of agronomy staff stay updated on the latest innovations - from seed, to products, to practices - to keep your operation and efficient and profitable.  

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Seed Supplier in Buffalo MN


We know that farming is hard work. We want to help. No matter the size of the operation, we can help with your application needs. Whether you use us for all your application needs, or just need an extra set of hands during your busy season - we're here. Our applicators do this day-in and day-out using state of the art equipment to ensure your application is done quickly, accurately, and precisely. We apply:

  • Liquid and dry fertilizer

  • Crop protection products (herbicides, fungicides, and insecticides)

  • Anhydrous ammonia

Your fertilizer will be perfectly blended for uniform application. We use multiple brands of late-model equipment to maximize our efficiency and ensure accuracy on each acre. We offer flat or variable rate application for single or multiple products. We can include as-applied records as well. Contact us to learn more!

Custom Application
Seed Supplier in Buffalo MN


Agriculture is changing at an unprecedented rate. Using technology, we can understand each acre of your field in greater detail than ever before. We can use the data collected to provide insight into nutrient content, moisture levels, yield outputs and more to create a customized solution for each field, and each acre. We'll help you decide how and where to invest, saving you money and increasing your yields.
We offer a range of services including: 

  • Site specific grid soil sampling to provide detailed analysis of your fields

  • Site specific tissue sampling

  • Variable rate seeding recommendations

  • Variable rate fertilizer recommendations

  • Management zone creation to see different productivity areas so that you can treat each area accordingly

  • Advanced economic and agronomic field-level reporting

Want to learn more? Talk with your crop advisor or contact us

Seed Supplier in Buffalo MN


Proudly introducing our new precision agriculture packages.  

Precision Agriculture
Centra Sota Connect RX

Want to learn more about options for financing? We'll partner with you to find the right financing for your needs. 


Join us on August 18th, 2022! The Answer Plot at Centra Sota's Santiago location offers a first-hand look at how different products and techniques impact the crop. We also feature a section focused on technology and innovation. This is a perfect opportunity for students interested in learning more about a career in agriculture. 

You'll find a variety of vendors, equipment, and experts on it all. Stay tuned for the announcement of this year's dates! If you'd like to set up a custom one on one tour, contact us to schedule. 

Answer Plot
Centra Sota sells Croplan seeds
Centra Sota sells Dekalb seeds
Centra Sota sells NK seeds
Centra Sota sells Brevant seeds
Centra Sota sells Credenz seeds
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