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Stores as unique as the communities they serve. 

We have the right feed and supplies for your animals, whether you're aiming for grand champion at the state fair or caring for the family pet. From our expert Pet Food Supplier in Buffalo to Fertilizer and Bee-Keeping supplies, you can find exactly what you need with Centra Sota.


Flock operations big and small will find what they need at our stores. Not sure what you need? Our trained staff will help!


Whether you need need over-the-counter vaccinations, automatic waterers, feed, or other equipment - we can help.


We offer a wide selection of feed brands as well as the livestock products you need to help your operation thrive.


We know horses are more than livestock, they're family. Our trained staff help you find the products that are right for you. 


Our stores are stocked with lawn seed & fertilizer, garden seed packets, garden gloves, shovels, bee-keeping supplies & more. 


Our stores have a variety of products to make your backyard a bird paradise - many types of seed, feeders, bird baths & more.


We're ready to help you care for your sheep and goats with feed , bedding, equipment, health products, and more.


Pets are family for many of us. We carry 30+ types of dog & cat food. Our staff can help you choose what's best for your pet. 


Our Country Stores are not "one size fits all." We've customized each of our stores to cater to the needs of their community, some with a rural/farm focus and others with a more urban feel.

We carry an array of products for many animals including feed, supplements, medications, bedding, fencing and more! We also have items for the humans in your home including toys, gifts, clothing, and footwear. We're always bringing in new products, so stop by to check out what's new!

Visit us in Buffalo, Upsala, Little Falls, Sauk Centre, or St. Martin. Wondering if we have what you're looking for? Give us a call! If we don't have it, we'll work to order it for you! Want to connect on social media? Scroll down to find a page for your store!

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101 8th St NE
Buffalo, MN 55313

The Buffalo Country Store caters to a range of interests including equine, pet ownership, bee keeping, raising chickens, lawn maintenance, gardening, and more.  

Our exceptional service sets us apart from bigger stores. Our trained staff has a wealth of knowledge on the products we carry and are happy to help. We'll listen, answer your questions, and recommend a product that's right for you. We'll even help you carry it out to your car!

Pet Food Supplier in Buffalo


13146 Haven Road

Little Falls, MN 56345


We work with beef herds ranging from just a few cows to a few hundred cows, helping with everything from custom mineral blends, rations, creep feed, vaccines and implants. We also carry a variety of feeds for all stages of life for: pigs, poultry, goats, sheep, horses, dairy, beef, exotics, dogs, and cats. Need to keep them all safe? We stock fencing supplies, fencers, gates, feed bunks and wire for any farm needs. We can even order chicks from spring through the fall (when available).

Want to keep everything running smoothly? Also have lube oils, fuel barrels, nozzles, hoses and filters.  In addition to farm products, we have a wide array of bird seed and bird feeders, lawn and garden seed/fertilizers/sprays, and a large selection of deer plot seed. We also offer a selection of toys for those last minute gifts.What makes us unique is our trained and knowledgeable staff, ready to help with anything you need. Stop by for a visit!

Little Falls
Pet Food Supplier in Little Falls MN


1320 Sinclair Lewis Avenue
Sauk Centre, MN 56378


The Sauk Centre Country Store caters to cattle, equine, chickens, pets, birds, wildlife, and exotic animals. Our wide range of products guarantees you’ll find the right care for your animals, or our friendly and knowledgeable staff will find it for you.

Other items you’ll find include:

  • Calf milk replacers

  • Calf starter feeds

  • Grower and finisher protein pellets

  • Livestock equipment

  • Beef and dairy cattle mineral

  • Bird seed

  • Pet foods


  • Inoculants

  • Horse feeds

  • Chicken layer feeds

  • Chicken starter and grower feeds

  • Mazuri exotic animal feeds

  • Bagged ingredients

  • Pet treats

Pet Food Supplier in Buffalo in Sauk Centre MN
St. Martin


111 Main St

St. Martin, MN 56376


The St. Martin Country Store has a variety of animal feeds for all stages of life including beef, dairy, poultry, goats, swine, equine, pets, & show animals with availability for much more. We cover your lawn care needs including fertilizer, lawn seed, and weed control products, as well as food plot mixes and wildlife mineral supplements. We carry bird seeds for all kinds of birds. We also offer wood smoker pellets, and Stony Creek Milk. We also have oil and lube products, as well as rodent and pest control. We can even manufacture bulk or bagged feeds for your operation whether it’s big or small. 

Pet Food Supplier in St Martin MN


119 West Elm Avenue
Upsala, MN 56384


The Upsala Country Store has a variety of animal feeds, for all stages of life, for beef, dairy, poultry, goats, swine, equine, pets, & show animals with availability for much more.  We also have a seasonal (May-June) greenhouse, as well as lawn care items including fertilizer, lawn seed, and weed control products. We carry small grain & pasture mix seeds, as well as food plot mixes.

Pet Food Supplier in Upsala MN

Looking to make your backyard a bird haven? We offer bird seeds for all kinds of birds! Planning a cookout? Stop by for wood smoker pellets. You can even find ice cream and Bongards cheese and butter!  Need a quick gift? We have a large selection of toys for your little farmers, too. We have gates and feeders for all your animals, oil and lube products, and rodent and pest control products.  We can also manufacture bulk or bagged feeds specific to your operation; big or small. 

Free Range Chicken Farm, Pet Food Supplier in Buffalo
Boy with Calf


 We carry a wide variety of brands and products to help make your operation a success. If you aren't sure what you need or are just getting started, our staff has the knowledge and experience to assist you. 
Products we offer include: 

  • Feed in many forms including organic, medicated and non-medicated; sizes range from 5 lb bags to 50 lbs bags

  • Heat lamps and bulbs 

  • Chicken harnesses 

  • Feeder and water trays 


Our Country Stores can help you meet your cattle operation goals. We are proud to offer a full line up of products including name brands like Purina, Land o Lakes, VitaPlus, and Munson Feeds.
Products we offer include: 

  • Feed, including mineral and complete feeds for all cattle life stages

  • Mineral tubs 

  • Over-the-counter vaccinations 

  • Ear tagging equipment 

  • Automatic waterers 

  • and many more... 


Our Country Stores not only have supplies for the farm, but for the home too! We are proud to offer many products for home, garden, and even gifts!
Products Offered: 

  • Lawn products: grass seed, bagged fertilizer, weed and feed, spray products 

  • Fruit and vegetable seed packets 

  • Garden gloves, shovels, pots, cement figurines 

  • Bee-keeping supplies 

  • Gifts for all ages 

  • and more... 

Image by Kameron Kincade


We'll help you find what you need for your goats and sheep!  We have a full lineup of products to feed and protect your herd.  
Products Offered: 

  • Various feed varieties  

  • Feed pans 

  • Bedding 

  • Products for animal health including wormers 

  • Equipment  

  • and more... 


We are proud to have a full lineup of products devoted to caring for and managing swine.

Products Offered:

  • Various types of feed for all ages 

  • Over-the-counter vaccinations and other swine health products 

  • Ear notching and tagging equipment 

  • Ritchie automatic waterers 

  • and more... 

Three Horses
Image by Mathew Schwartz
Image by Jari Hytönen


We offer a wide variety of products to keep your animals safe and comfortable. Our highly trained staff are knowledgeable about equine and are happy to assist you in finding the right products.  
Products Offered:

  • Various bedding including shavings and pellets 

  • Variety of feed brands like Purina, Progressive, ADM, Roasted to Perfection, Big Gain, Manna Pro and Triple Crown 

  • Fly sprays 

  • Tack 

  • Mineral blocks, animal health products and supplements 


Our Country Stores have a variety of products to make your backyard a bird paradise. Our staff are knowledgeable about backyard birds and what you can do to attract them.  
Products Offered:

  • A range of bird seed options for a wide variety of birds 

  • Feeders and hooks for hanging 

  • Bird baths 

  • Stone sculptures 

  • Guidebooks 

  • Camping guides 


We offer a full lineup of products to keep your furry friend happy and healthy. We carry over 30 types of dog and cat food. Our brands also offer free bags of food through loyalty programs. Let our highly trained staff help you find the products your pet needs.
Products Offered:  

  • 30+ types of dog and cat food, treats (grain free and holistic options available) 

  • Cat litter 

  • Grooming products and shampoos 

  • Pet medicine, wormers, flea and tick collars 

  • Collars and Leashes 

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