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Cover Crops

Prevented Planting Due to Wet Conditions?

Excessive moisture has prevented many from planting certain acres. Cover Crops can provide an opportunity to use these acres and improve soil health. Learn more on our Soil Health page.

Conservation practices are on the rise, being implemented on farms around the world. While it can feel overwhelming to know where to begin, our team can help! Cover Crops are a great way to get started. But which ones will work best for what you need? If you need help finding your next source for Cover Crops in Buffalo MN and beyond, Centra Sota is here to help. Below you'll find information on a variety of great options that work well for Minnesota Farms. Learn about what planting information, which soil health benefits they offer, and any challenges they might create. Just click the name or image to view a pdf with all the details. 

If you have more questions or are interested in getting started, contact us!

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