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Today’s farmers face a multitude of complex decisions. Sustainability and environmental factors continue to become increasingly important but the ever-changing nature of these can feel overwhelming.

At Centra Sota, your local Agricultural Cooperative in Little Falls MN and beyond, we’ve been helping farmers for a century. We are proud to partner with you on Environmental Government Assistance Programs, Irrigation Water Management, Nutrient Management, Conservation Agronomy and more. Let our experts ensure you’re maximizing each new opportunity to help your farm thrive. Whether you're interested in learning about soil health, cover crops, no-till, strip-till, or anything related, we can help!

Cost Share Opportunities

We work hard to stay up to date on government programs to keep you up to speed!

Irrigation Water Management

Better crops, better yields, maximum profits.

Nutrient Management

Build your innovative nutrient management systems to minimize labor, maximize efficiency and profit.

Conservation Agronomy

Achieve sustainability goals and protect Minnesota’s beautiful lakes, rivers, and streams


Government programs can be challenging to understand, especially when there are a variety and you’re not sure if they apply to you. At Centra Sota we’ll work with you to help you understand the options, and find the plans that will work for you. Our team members are educated on the latest plans to ensure you’re up to speed on all the ways to help your operation.  


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MPCA (Minnesota Pollution Control Agency) 

  • MPCA National Pollution Discharge Elimination System Permit (NPDES) 

  • MPCA Interim / SDS Permits  

  • MPCA Feedlot Nutrient Management Plans 

  • County Feedlot Conditional Use Permits 


  • CAP/CPA 102 Comprehensive Nutrient Plan 

  • CAP 104 Nutrient Management Plan 

  • CAP 114 Integrated Pest Management Plan 

  • CAP 116 Soil Health Management Plan 

  • CAP 118 Irrigation Water Management Plan 

  • DIA 101 CNMP Design & Implementation Activity 

  • DIA 157 Nutrient Management Design & Implementation Activity 

  • DIA 161 Pest Management Conservation System Design & Implementation Activity 

  • DIA 163 Irrigation Water Management Design 

  • CEMA 216 Soil Health Testing 

  • CEMA 217 Soil & Source Testing for Nutrient Management 

  • 590 Nutrient Management 

  • 595 Integrated Pest Management 

  • 449 Irrigation Water Management 

  • 340 Cover Crop

Irrigation System, Agricultural Cooperative in Little Falls MN
Agriculture, Agricultural Cooperative in Little Falls MN

Soil with healthy moisture levels can produce better crops and higher yields, helping you maximize your profits. Implementing the right irrigation plan can also help you conserve energy and water, as well as reduce nutrient leaching.

  • Irrigation Moisture Probes 

  • Irrigation Well Nitrate Testing

  • Irrigation Uniformity Testing


The right nutrient management plan can help you use your available resources to their fullest potential. Having detailed field data can help you make the right decisions for your farm. We’ve helped local growers secure government assistance to build innovative nutrient management systems to minimize labor while maximizing efficiency and profit.  

  • Agricultural Grant Writing Services 

  • Advanced Farm Planning Services 

  • Manure Calibration 

  • Manure Sampling 

  • Manure VRT Prescription 

Agricultural Cooperative in Little Falls MN
Agricultural Cooperative in Little Falls MN

While sustainability has traditionally played a role in Agriculture, conservation practices have been on the rise in recent years. Government programs and new organizations are cropping up all the time. We help producers navigate the opportunities available in the conservation world - including NRCS programs, SWCD and MDA state cost-share opportunities, and ecosystem markets (carbon, etc.). We'll work with you to achieve your on-farm and business sustainability goals while improving your soil health, water quality and achieving your goals for profitability. 

Agricultural Cooperative in Little Falls MN
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