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SIFI: Single Application Lawn Fertilizer

Updated: Apr 23

Centra Sota Community Lawn Care is now offering the popular Spread It & Forget It (SIFI) Blends.   

What is SIFI Fertilizer? 

SIFI fertilizer products are specially crafted to nourish lawns for an extended period of up to six months. The secret lies in the innovative polymer coating enveloping each granule, facilitating a controlled release of nutrients into the soil precisely when the lawn requires them. 

Water moves through polymer coating, combining water and nitrogen, nitrogen released through coating fertilizing lawn for up to 6 months
How does SIFI fertilizer work


Why use SIFI? 

SIFI fertilizers offer a range of benefits that make it an attractive option for various applications. The dust-free and consistent sizing of SIFI pellets further enhance its usability, making it easier to handle and apply in various settings. Its durable membrane coating ensures longevity, withstanding both mowing and spreading activities without compromising its effectiveness. 

Environmentally Friendly: By utilizing SIFI, users can contribute to minimizing environmental impact, particularly in terms of reducing nitrogen loss through volatilization and leaching, which are significant concerns in agriculture and landscaping. Ideal for use near lakes, ponds, and rivers. 

Economical: Considering the decreased requirement for applications, leading to savings in labor and transportation expenses, as well as reduced equipment depreciation and nitrogen loss, selecting SIFI applications are economical. 

Efficient: SIFI nutrient delivery system is capable of sustaining plants for up to six months, offering long-term benefits in terms of convenience and efficiency. This extended nutrient release period reduces the need for frequent applications, saving both time and resources while still providing plants with the essential elements they need for optimal growth. 

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