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Bayou Kale

Conservation Education, Cover Crops Series - Issue 3

What is bayou kale?

Bayou kale is a great addition for forage, cover crops, and even for food plots. This cold tolerant brassica makes it a favorable forage and cover crop specie as we move into northern regions.

How do I plant bayou kale?

  • Bayou kale should be planted by the first part of October.

  • Rates vary due to the intendent use of this specie but will range from 2-6 pounds per acre.

What are the best growing conditions?

Termination happens at 14 degrees, which makes it one of the longest living brassicas into colder weather.

What are the benefits of bayou kale?

The taproot makes it an excellent crop to aid in the reduction of compaction.

Bayou’s long tap roots scavenge for nutrients deep into the soil profile bringing those nutrients into the root zone for crops.

Download the printable PDF version!

Bayou Kale Flyer (8.5 × 11 in) (1)
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