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Cover Crop Series: Persian Clover

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

Each month a different cover crop species will be highlighted to provide producers with information needed to successfully grow cover crops or alternative forages on their operation.

Persian Clover Cover Crop Purple Flower
Persian Clover Cover Crop


  • Can be seeded in the fall for spring growth, but commonly seeded in later spring in colder climates

  • When seeded in late-spring, can be seeded with wheat or oats for increased forage production and decreased bloat potential in cattle

  • Should be seeded at least 5 lbs/acre but can be up to 10 lbs/acre depending on seeding method

  • Minimum germination temperature is 52 degrees

  • When drilled, should be .25-.5" depth; suitable for aerial seeding & interseeding when planted at higher rates


  • Cool season, annual legume which originated in central Asia & the Mediterranean area

  • Can be used for grazing, hay, and haylage; suitable for cattle and sheep operations

  • Still fairly new to the world of cover crops but becoming increasingly popular


High Quality & High Yields

  • Yields vary based on field conditions but can yield 5 to 6 dry matter tons per acre.

Nitrogen & Weed Suppression

  • Persian Clover is a great source of nitrogen. It's fast growth makes it useful for weed suppression.

Soil Health Benefits

  • Can be used for grazing, hay, etc. and also helps with reducing erosion, breaking disease cycles, and fixing nitrogen in the soil.

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