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Backyard Chicken Care: Getting Started

Updated: Apr 23

It’s chick season! Have new chickens and need some help? Buffalo Country Store has a guide for you, offering tips and tricks on chicken care, as well as a trained team ready to answer your questions.

Backyard chicks and chickens in Buffalo MN
Baby chicks are adorable, but how do you get started with backyard chickens?

Are you ready for chickens? Here are your first steps:

Planning your coop! Things to consider:

  • Square footage of the coop

  • On the ground or off the ground?

  • Coop height: do you want to stand in it, or just reach in?

  • How are you planning to enclose it?

  • Is there enough space for all your birds?

Tips on how to handle chicken poop 💩:

  • Chickens will have fecal waste; make sure you follow city requirements for disposal

  • Clean your coop frequently to prevent unwanted smells and waste build-up

  • If offering food scraps, make sure they’re not attracting predators, flies, or other nuisances



  • Which breeds should I get? What do I need?

    • Hoover's Hatchery is a great source of information to learn more about different breeds and their requirements!

  • What’s a brooder?

    • Chicks love a smaller environment to first live in.

    • Miller Manufacturing Company makes a great chick brooder that is perfect for the first couple of months!


  • What type of equipment do I need?

    • Age-appropriate waterers and feeders are very important to get things started!

    • Chick feeders and waterers are available at the Buffalo Country Store.

  • Choosing food for your chicks!

    • Medicated, non-medicated, and/or organic food choices are available at the country store!

    • Age-appropriate food is important for chicks of all ages!

  • What’s Grit?

    • It is essential for gut health in chickens!


  • Health Products for your chickens

    • Buffalo Country Store offers a variety of other products you might need for your chickens including wound care, electrolytes, and probiotics.

  • Adult Feeders and Waterers

    • Buffalo Country Store has everything you need from adult feeders to waterers.

  • Treats!

    • Food scraps and chicken treats are best to wait until the chickens are full grown.


Have more questions? Stop by one of our five store locations to chat with our knowledgeable team members!

Centra Sota Country Store locations:

  • Buffalo MN

  • Little Falls MN

  • Upsala MN

  • Sauk Centre MN

  • St. Martin MN

For more information visit our website!


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