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Exciting News at Centra Sota - New Logo!

As you may have already seen, at Centra Sota Cooperative, we’re excited to be launching a new logo. We’d love to tell you a little more about why we’re making the change and how we picked our new logo!

Why Launch a New Logo Now?

2022 was a huge year for Centra Sota Cooperative – we celebrated 100 years of business! We knew we needed to take time to celebrate the achievement, to appreciate and evaluate where we were, and to plan for the future. We were struck by how much has changed over the years – for agriculture in general, for the communities we serve, and for Centra Sota as a whole. We created a new vision statement for Centra Sota: To improve lives and create a more vibrant future for farmers, families, and communities in central MN.

The job of a logo is to help tell the story of who a company (or cooperative) is. Our current logo was created more than a decade and a half ago and has served us well over the years. But it’s time for an update to better tell the story of who Centra Sota is today – an innovative and thriving cooperative.

Check out the progression of our logos over the years. You'll notice both similarities and differences as we've grown and evolved!

About Our New Logo

We know that our history and experience have helped us grow into who we are, and those decades of farmer and community relationships have been the fuel that helped us grow. Our past logo has always had the shape of MN. The most recent one showed a sun, the sun’s rays, and fields to depict our proud agricultural background. Our new one includes the same features to honor our past while helping us shift toward the future.

It does have one notable addition, which is the word “Cooperative.” Not everyone realizes that we are a cooperative! This means that we are owned by our customers, and our member-owners have a voice in how we run our business. Patronage Dividends are distributed back to our member-owners based on the cooperative’s earnings for that year and how much each member has purchased the cooperative’s services or goods. Most of our member-owners are local farmers and businesses, which helps keep money in the local community. We’re proud to be a cooperative!

We’re thrilled to share our new logo with you and hope you love it as much as we do!

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