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Updated: Nov 2, 2022

Conservation Education, Cover Crops Series - Issue 8

How is Triticale planted?

  • Plant in mid-July to mid-October

  • Ground temperatures should be 65 degrees

  • Plant a minimum of 50 lbs/acre depending on use

  • Planting depth should be 3/4" to 1 1/2"

The story behind Triticale

  • Grain hybrid cross between wheat and rye that was first bred in Germany and Scotland in the late 19th century

  • Has become a critical grain crop and cover crop in over 30 countries

  • Triticale was bred to provide the yield and quality of wheat with the hardiness of rye

  • Mainly used as a forage, Triticale is only recently being used as a cover crop

The benefits of Triticale

  • Triticale produces large amounts of biomass that add nutrients back into the soil when tilled under or used as forage.

  • The large biomass is also useful cover for reducing erosion.

  • Triticale should be planted in the middle of July and not later than mid-October. The grain should have some growth before colder temperatures and winter occur.

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