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Conservation Education, Cover Crops Series - Issue 5

How is sudangrass planted?

  • Warm-season grass, planted later in the summer growing season, between 3/4" - 2" planting depth

  • Seeding rate should be 20-40 lbs/acre

  • Rapid emergence and growth makes it ideal for green chop, dry hay, or short-term pasture

  • Best performance in temps 60-85

Sudangrass as a forage

  • Minimum growth of 18", three-four week recovery period

  • Hay and haylage sudangrass are excellent due to slender culms and higher dry matter yields of up to five tons an acre

  • High levels of crude protein and digestible nutrients - 15 to 20% lower in available energy when compared to corn silage

What benefits come from sudangrass?

  • Sudangrass has an extensive fibrous root system. The roots will break up soil compaction and renovate soil. It's not recommended to interseed sudangrass into any standing crop but can be used in a variety of cover crop and forage mixes at the end of the cash crop season.

  • High amount of biomass makes a great weed suppressant cover crop.

  • Prussic acid poisoning can occur if there is excessive nitrogen fertilization that has occurred or if animals are grazed before ten days after a frost has occurred.

Download the printable PDF version!

Sudangrass Flyer (8.5 × 11 in)
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