Yield Quest

Yield Quest is Centra Sota's custom Precision Ag Program. When it comes to decisions about your operation, quality data is everything and we are the partner in helping the grower manage and make decision from all of the data. This turn-key program provides critical information about your operation, along with specific solutions to improve productivity and efficiency. Between our agronomic expertise, equipment optimization and precision technologies, we have all your agronomic needs covered. 

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GIS Services and Data Support

Centra Sota offers a wide array of Data Management and GIS services and Our dedicated Technology Services team can provide a wide range of services to collect, refine, analyze and store quality data, including:
  • Utilize SMS™ software to aid in the collection of data, and employ a number of cloud-based ag data storage and analysis platforms including Premier Crop Systems®, the R7® Tool, Climate FieldView™, AgVeritas® and others
  • Use automated spatial data analysis to remove bad data, relocate data, standardize field boundary management and controls, and create management zones
  • Record time-stamped, as-applied data from custom fertility treatments and crop protection applications to provide documentation for farm sustainability efforts
  • Provide hybrid and variety recommendations and placement using Answer Plot® data, the R7® Tool and performance on grower’s fields by environment and other conditions as well as access to other tools through the grower portal and grower mobile app
  • Create variable rate (VR) seeding prescriptions using yield history, elevation, soil types, soil fertility tests and grower input
  • Program VR prescriptions into cab monitors and ensure monitor is programmed to properly record data
  • Design on-farm trials customized for grower’s acres and provide product validation assistance
  • Supply product validation and analysis on grower’s data, and benchmark it against localized Yield Quest group data and a database of more than 2 million acres of farm data from the Midwest
  • Meet annually with grower to review data and/or provide year-end summary information book compiling all grower’s data from the season including boundary maps, prescription maps, yield maps & yield analysis reports
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Nutrient Management Planning

Who needs a manure management plan?

  • Feedlots greater than 1,000 animal units or CAFO
  • 300 animal units or more and manure not applied by a Certified Commercial Animal Waste Technician
  • Applying for Federal, State or Local permits
  • Obtaining Conservation Activity Plan from NRCS
  • Nutrient & Manure Management
  • CAP 104 or 102
  • Nutrient Management Plan (590) Standard Funding
Our Acres Water Program:

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Precision Ag Hardware

Make the Precision Decision!

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As a Precision Planting® dealer, Centra Sota services, sells and installs the leading precision ag equipment in the industry. These technologies enable farmers to improve efficiency and overall performance by retrofitting existing machinery instead of making a major investment in costly new equipment.
Products like the ones listed below are a perfect complement to the Yield Quest program, because they provide accurate and trustworthy data. To learn more about these Precision Planting offerings and others, contact Nate Hood, Centra Sota Ag Technology Advisor.

  • 20/20 Monitor
  • DeltaForce
  • vDrive
  • YieldSense
  • SmartFirmer

Other Products and Services:

Centra Sota sells and services Precision Planting, Ag Leader, Yetter, Martin and Harvest Internaitonal as well as doing full planter builds. 

Contact Nate Hood with any questions

Centra sota's precision hardware brand partners

20/20 Monitor

  • The 20|20 monitor optimizes planting, harvest and application decisions with a smart, intuitive interface that visualizes performance and field conditions in real time; seed by seed, plant by plant and drop by drop. It also powers additional Precision Planting® equipment that controls population, down force, liquid, multi-hybrid planting and high speed planting, all while sensing the furrow.

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  • Since variability exists in soil type, drainage and moisture in every field, it’s challenging to know which downforce setting is correct when trying to achieve a specific seeding depth. DeltaForce replaces the springs or airbags on your current planter with hydraulic cylinders and load cells that react several times every second to measure how much weight is being carried on the row unit gauge wheels and keep it consistent. As a result, you can plant at a speed of 10 mph and still achieve great roots, emergence and yields.

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  • vDrive pairs with the 20|20 Monitor to eliminate the drive system and simplify how seed and insecticide meters operate. A vDrive motor mounts to each vSet meter and controls each row individually. This eliminates yield loss from wide population variance because unlike a typical drive system, each meter turns the speed that matches the speed of that row unit, so the plant population is correct on each row of the planter.

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YieldSense Yield Monitor

  • Although most yield monitors are accurate for the field, most aren’t accurate in management zones. YieldSense, however, accounts for changes in the field to give you accurate harvest data for spatial management. A flow sensor at the top of the clean grain elevator accurately measures the crop as it comes off the paddle and properly calculates yield.

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  • SmartFirmer is a seed-firmer sensor that measures the furrow as it firms each seed into the bottom of the trench. Digging seeds only lets you see a fraction of a percent of seeds planted in a field, but SmartFirmer helps you determine field variability by measuring temperature, moisture and residue in the seed furrow, and displaying the measurements on 20|20 Monitor. SmartFirmer can control your seeding rate, fertilizer rate and hybrid based on organic matter.

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Scouting your fields by truck or on foot provides only a partial glimpse of what’s happening during the course of the growing season. But viewing in-season satellite imagery and drone scouting videos at regular intervals enables you and Centra Sota’s Technology Services team members to monitor the progress of your crop from a different perspective and identify the trouble areas that you can’t see through traditional field-level scouting.
Analyzing NDVI satellite imagery and drone video saves time and improves accuracy by pinpointing where our team should focus its scouting efforts when visiting your fields in person to look for pressure from pests or disease and take tissue samples.
NutriSolutions® tissue testing and analysis pinpoints nutrient deficiencies at critical growth stages so we can help you make adjustments before yield potential is compromised. We can also import tissue data results into precision ag platforms like Climate FieldView™ and the R7® Tool for a complete review of previous seasons to help you plan for next year.

Soil Sampling

Analyzing soil samples is one of the most important steps when it comes to identifying the highest- and lowest-performing areas of your fields and creating management zones. Our Technology Services team performs grid soil sampling on 25 percent of your fields every year so we can prescribe variable rate fertility prescriptions for each management zone. This enables you to increase input efficiency and improve overall field performance by pushing for high yields in the best part of the field and being conservative where soils and conditions dictate.


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