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Making the Buffalo Community Stronger

Updated: May 18, 2023

Our Buffalo location reviewed a list of fantastic organizations, and selected two – Rivers of Hope, based in Monticello, and the Buffalo Food Shelf.

Last year in Minnesota, nearly 70,000 victims received services from domestic violence agencies. Domestic violence can take different forms including emotional abuse, psychological abuse, financial abuse, sexual abuse, and physical abuse. Rivers of Hope is a domestic violence center serving Wright & Sherburne Counties. Their mission is to provide a community coordinated response to end family violence by offering advocacy services to youth and adults. They also educate community members about the impact domestic violence has, as well as partnering with other service providers to meet the needs of victims/survivors. Last year alone, they had over 1000 meetings with adults and youth, and provided over 5400 services. If you’re experiencing any form of abuse, please find support by contacting Rivers of Hope directly. We are thankful for the meaningful work they’re doing to help others and grateful for the opportunity to support their organization. Want to help? They’re hosting a fundraising Gala on May 4th – you can attend, or just donate!

1 in 20 people in Wright County struggle with food insecurity. The Buffalo Food shelf provides essential food and hygiene items to Buffalo and Montrose community members in need. They receive donations and support from a wide range of community organizations including churches, businesses, individuals, and local sports teams. They also partner with other organizations to provide resources like dental care, clothing, and more. We’re proud to support the great work they’re doing in our community!

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